1. POLICY policy email procedure
    Email regarding policy shall have the subject starting with 'POLICY' (sans quotes) from the president to CEO. A response is expected. Ratified policy shall be posted, for the time being, at explosivedecompression.net
    I agree. It makes a wordy bastard like me die a little inside have to condense to one word acknowlegements. However, not replying is rude. Plus we like lots of confirmations at LJ Corp.
    I've mostly been putting your replies up as comments a la http://explosivedecompression.net/#comment-0 . For this case, seems a bit extraneous? Or would you rather want it up?
    well, we do like to dot our i's and cross our t's here at LJ Corp... sounds ok to me unless it becomes too much work.
  2. POLICY posting of board meeting minutes
    At the assumed election of meeting members, minutes may be posted to explosivedecompression.net . Any objection and the minutes shall not be posted
  3. POLICY staging areas for projects
    projects should be staged on the deskspace or in the storage unit if storage is required for materials etc prior to project completion (given common sense). Additionally, sufficient square footage of Jeff's desk should be made available to Lee to equalize the total square footage. This is an interim solution, not an end goal
    I agree. This is not a perfect solution at all. My placing project items in public areas until they become completed is not perfect either. They only serve as weak memory aids and do not actually get the tasks done any faster. I have placed the to do items near my desk and plan to do so until we agree upon a system.
  4. POLICY daily meeting
    To the end of effecting measurable results, a meeting should be had daily wherein is presented, in brief form, one's goals for the day and the goals for the previous day are assessed for progress.
    Agreed. Shoot the albatross!